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We are exclusive corporate representatives of TORNADO for Eastern Europe. For over 25 years we have been the corporate representatives of Tornado in Romania to offer grain ensilage and selection installations starting from the design stage to putting into service, taking into consideration your demands.


We manufacture complete accessories for the grain unloading, drying, ensilage and loading installations in the agro-food industry. From design to putting into service, we are consistently driven by our partner’s demands and based on our 25-year experience, according to the expected solutions. We are able to provide unique equipment for special projects too, so that you can receive complete accessories from one manufacturer. What is important to you is that we can offer you advice on what you intend to do.

We are at your service anytime, over the telephone or in person.

According to our designs and with the technical assistance we can provide, the installations can be built by local construction-erection companies. Service upon project completion is part of our company’s principles.

Trust our know-how and that of our Romanian employees!