Cereal Silos

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We offer a wide range of cereal silos according to EUROCODE and to the ANSI / ASAE rules. All silos are manufactured of galvanized steel S350GD with high elastic tolerance and minimum 600 g/m² zinc coating.

Zinc-plated sheet cereal silos are currently the best storage solution owing to the simple assembly, the hygiene and the low storage costs.

We design silos according to your needs using the newest technologies and we use materials of high quality, in compliance with the standards in force. The steel we use is more resilient to corrosion due to the process involved, namely rolled zinc plating.

Experience allows us to provide customized solutions to our customers and thus we conduct prior research to determine which is the best solution, according to your needs.dthe factors determining the final solution include the weather, the number of harvests per year, as well as the purpose of the cereal use.


Advantages of the cereal silos:

  • Made of zinc-coated steel with high elasticity and 600g/m² equivalent zinc coating.
  • Automated production lines allow us to make the installations in a shorter time.
  • The 104 mm corrugation range generates finer wall rings. Thus, the granulations left during the unloading process are avoided.


Technical details:

  • The cereal silos have various wall ring thickness and the metal sheet can have different finishes.
  • Access door located on the second ring and on the roof.
  • The access stairs are made of zinc-coated steel and designed to be safe. They offer optimal inspection and service solutions.
  • The roof provides proper ventilation and the construction thereof prevents water leakage. We can opt for an snow-repellent package.
  • The roof structure is resilient to powered conveyance up to 1500 t/h.


Flat-bottomed silos

  • Existence of a counter-gate access gate that prevents the opening thereof throughout the cereal storage leads to increased safety in the operation of silo fleets.
  • The ventilation frame has zinc-coated perforated grids. The standard ventilation surface is 15% and an reach 100%.
  • The side loading highly facilitates the service action to the silo central unloading conveyor for the regular maintenance purposes.


Tapered-bottomed silos

  • The support structure is made of zinc-coated columns joined by laminated profiles which guarantee high resistance to external pressure.
  • For easier mounting, the cereal tapered-bottomed silo comes with anchorage components for complete assembly.


Loading silos and supply silos

The structure thereof consists of double-T stiff laminated profiles made of hot zinc-coated steel. The standard height from the ground is 4500 mm, however it can be adjusted to your needs.

Our quality supervision and control team is attending each silo facility to make sure that it is assembled according to the technical specification.


Accessories for steel silos

  • Level sensors - they are tools that help measuring the product level at fixed points or on continuous basis.
  • Temperature and moisture sensors - they are used for measuring, monitoring and controlling temperature and moisture inside the steel silos with a view to preventing any cereal damage. These systems also include holders to support the probes adapted to steel silos.
  • Roof handrails - they increase the safety level when maintenance works are conducted on the steel silo roof.
  • Ventilation - all the silos are equipped with ventilation systems. They are chosen according to the grain type, the environment conditions, the silo capacity and sizes.

Ventilation is achieved via::

  • Fans - providing additional ventilation to the products that risk damage due to condensation.
  • Turbines - the system is determined according to the needed air and pressure flow.
  • Cooling systems - together with the moisture-removal systems, they are recommended for the year seasons when moisture is high.

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